Virgin - Shower

The inspiring idea was the natural movement of water, trying to capture the plastic forms of water that flows freely and not in artificial and guided courses like "pipes". From this image originated the one of a spring that flows from the vault of a grotto... Uncontaminated nature... "Virgin"

The Virgin Series shower head consists of a pair of Corian White elements and a stainless steel grill, available in three different finishes:
White corian / Chrome (CBCR) – White corian / White (CB31) – White corian / Gold (CBLU)

Designed by Daniele Bedini

Florence 1952. Degree in Architecture (Florence 1983), 1st thesis in Europe in "Space Architecture", with NASA. Versatile designer, he takes care of Space and Industrial design and Interiors in the offices of Florence (Monelupo and London together with his team and his son Edgar, who is an architect too. As Space Design and Space Tourism expert, he was manager of the MEDIET experiment on the International Space Station. He is Module Leader/Visiting Tutor at the Royal College of Art, London (Innovation Design Engineering Department), where he coordinates researches, workshops, and exhibitions that see RCA and first level Italian industries together. As industrial designer, he works for ZAZZERI and for top companies, such as: Officinanove, TM Italia, SLIDE, Fratelli Guzzini, QSquared Design, Marca Corona, Mandarina Duck, Teuco, I Guzzini Iluminazione, and others. He also takes care of Fair organisations for Zazzeri Rubinetterie, Thermomat, Officinanove, etc. He was the Artistic Director of Zazzeri Rubinetterie and QSquared Design, and he still is for Officinanove. He is member of ADI and author of numerous articles for important newspaper and magazines among which ARCA, and books about Space, published by Mondadori and Bompiani. He is mentioned in several articles and interviews published by 'Bagno e Accessori', La NAZIONE, Wired web, etc. 

Progetto: "JK21"